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Posts published in October 2017

Get everything from .Net Reflection

Sina Karvandi 1

In the previous posts, I’d explained about low-level languages and play around kernel-mode reversing but now let’s dig into the high-level languages. In this post, I’m gonna share a comprehensive method that took more than two weeks for me to build such small and perfect function to play with .Net framework reflection. I also share this functions in my GitHub which can be accessed through this link. .Net reflection gives .net framework a high flexibility by dynamically invoking functions from…

Thread Scheduling

Sina Karvandi 0

Right now I was studying about how CPU and Windows schedule a thread and how can they find the current thread and next thread or even a list of threads that are ready to run,Honestly I don’t find any good example which explains about how it manages by kernel structures then I found this ppt file which seems to be a presentation from Microsoft. (I’m not sure.) But I should say its writer (David B. Probert) gives me a lot…

Fooling Windows about its internal CPU

Sina Karvandi 0

In this post, I’m gonna show you how you can fool windows about its internal structure and sometimes give it wrong information about its internal capabilities or internal information which can bring you a lot of fun. (At least for me !) But don’t do that it can hurt your system actually but this post is about how to change CPU Capacity measurement of Windows and see its result in user-mode programs. There is a good article here which gives you lots…