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Posts published in November 2017

Detecting CPU Structure in .Net Framework

Sina Karvandi 0

The title seems simple, just getting CPU structure to detect if your program running on an AMD64 or an Intel x86 machine. Remember when you install a 32-bit operation system on a 64-bit machine then all features are 32 bit so your program supports only 32-bit processor and can’t be a 64-bit one even if your CPU is x64. By the way I search a lot across the Internet for getting the answer but almost all of them gives me…

Getting started with Windows Server command line

Shahriar 0

Hello everyone, In this post I am going to introduce some basic commands that are used to configure Windows Server. Of course if you are using Windows Server with GUI, you may not need these command at all (except for automation maybe). However if you work in an environment in which you configure windows network on a regular basis, you need to know some basic stuff B) OK, Imagine you have installed Windows Server Core 2012 R2 on a server…