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Posts published in “Instrumentation”

Bochs Emulator – Debug & Instrument

Sina Karvandi 0

There is also another post about configuring and building Bochs on Windows & OS X if you have a problem compiling Bochs, take a look at here! In my opinion, Bochs is an amazing thing because it provides instrumentation in the lowest level of the Operating System. One of the advantages of the Boch is being able to instrument in kernel-mode, which is not available in other instrumenting tools like Intel’s pin tool. You can see how to interact with…

Build a Simple Pin Tool

Sina Karvandi 0

As I promised previously in Pinitor’s topic, I prepare a post about how to build your first pin tool. Building a pin tool is somehow difficult when they didn’t update their sample tools so that it doesn’t work in Visual Studio 2015 or newer versions. By the way, it took me more than 2 days to resolve all the errors and compile a Hello World! After compiling the first program, there where lots of new problems, so, believe me, it…