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Posts published in “.Net Framework”

Detecting CPU Structure in .Net Framework

Sina Karvandi 0

The title seems simple, just getting CPU structure to detect if your program running on an AMD64 or an Intel x86 machine. Remember when you install a 32-bit operation system on a 64-bit machine then all features are 32 bit so your program supports only 32-bit processor and can’t be a 64-bit one even if your CPU is x64. By the way I search a lot across the Internet for getting the answer but almost all of them gives me…

Get everything from .Net Reflection

Sina Karvandi 1

In the previous posts, I’d explained about low-level languages and play around kernel-mode reversing but now let’s dig into the high-level languages. In this post, I’m gonna share a comprehensive method that took more than two weeks for me to build such small and perfect function to play with .Net framework reflection. I also share this functions in my GitHub which can be accessed through this link. .Net reflection gives .net framework a high flexibility by dynamically invoking functions from…