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Posts published in “Programming”

Why you should not always trust MSDN: Finding Real Access Rights Needed By Handles

Sina Karvandi 0

Introduction Hi guys, The title of this topic is somehow weird, if you think everything in MSDN is 100% match with what Microsoft implemented in Windows (like what I used to think), you’re definitely wrong, this post shows some proofs and in the last part, I’ll give you a solution to ACCESS_RIGHTS problem. Before starting let’s talk about some backgrounds about “ACCESS_MASK“. Most of the explanations derived from here. Backgrounds The ACCESS_MASK data type is a DWORD value that defines standard, specific, and generic…

Start linux kernel module development!

Shahriar 1

Hi everyone! In this post I’m going to introduce you to the world of linux kernel module development. I am a newcomer in this field myself but I decided to document everything in this blog as I gradually learn them. To start you need some sort of virtual machine. Of course you can test kernel modules on your own system but it is very risky and you can’t really debug them effectively and must use printk and debug messages to…

Getting started with Python and Qt for cross-platform GUI apps

Shahriar 1

Hi everyone, in this blog post I want to explain how to start developing desktop applications using Qt and Python. We will use PyQt5 module in order to connect Qt with Python. Qt was originally designed for use with C++ but it has many benefits which helped its growth and compability on all major desktop platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). A link to a sample program I created is also given at the end of the post in order to…

Detecting CPU Structure in .Net Framework

Sina Karvandi 0

The title seems simple, just getting CPU structure to detect if your program running on an AMD64 or an Intel x86 machine. Remember when you install a 32-bit operation system on a 64-bit machine then all features are 32 bit so your program supports only 32-bit processor and can’t be a 64-bit one even if your CPU is x64. By the way I search a lot across the Internet for getting the answer but almost all of them gives me…

Get everything from .Net Reflection

Sina Karvandi 1

In the previous posts, I’d explained about low-level languages and play around kernel-mode reversing but now let’s dig into the high-level languages. In this post, I’m gonna share a comprehensive method that took more than two weeks for me to build such small and perfect function to play with .Net framework reflection. I also share this functions in my GitHub which can be accessed through this link. .Net reflection gives .net framework a high flexibility by dynamically invoking functions from…